Zanzibar Experience

Palm Crafts

Together with our staff dedicated to the care of the tropical gardens of the resort, learn how to shape the palm leaves while having fun creating the typical headdresses of the island to your liking.

Cocktail Lesson

The Dawa is a typical East African cocktail, traditionally drunk as an aperitif or after returning from an intense Safari. In the Zanzibari version are used cane sugar, lime and the typical local spirit, the Koniagi. You will learn how to prepare the alcoholic and non-alcoholic version and at the end a tasting for everyone!

Water Polo

The funniest way to spend the morning by the pool.

Olympic Games

Two teams and a fun series of challenges: from treasure hunting to tests in the pool and on the sand. A fun afternoon with prizes for everyone.

Cooking Lessons

A lesson dedicated to the cuisine of the typical “Samosa” of Zanzibar. Supported by our Staff it will be a unique and tasty experience.

Swahili Lesson

“Jambo! Hakuna Matata! PolePole!” these expressions are the outline of every conversation in this wonderful corner of Africa. Learn how to combine them: you won’t stop laughing!

Beach Volley

Your matches with an amazing sea view.

Discovery Spice

Zanzibar is the island of spices whose aromas are very typical and particular. This moment will let you discover the unique flavors of the island.


The morning will be more dynamic and fun with lessons in the pool.


The typical French game of boules with a dedicated field, naturally on the beach.